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New solo album
Earth's Dark Shore
coming out on
Adhyâropa Records
on September 20th!
Cecilia Vacanti has arrived! With Earth’s Dark Shore, Cecilia has beautifully crafted a set of original material that takes you on a delightful journey from note one. Building off the musical foundations established by fiddlers like Jeremy Kittel and Darol Anger, Cecilia has emerged as a fresh voice in the ever evolving contemporary string world.”
               -Jason Anick
"...Cecilia shows a huge vision, massive heart, and chops to go. Cecilia is going places. I'm on board for the ride.”
               -Christian Howes
"Cecilia Vacanti is the embodiment of the creative multi-style string player. She combines virtuosic improvisation, groovy tune playing, and sensitive ensemble playing to create wonderful music! I can't wait to hear more from this wonderful young artist."
Mike Block
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